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1000 Laffs: Lost and Found Comedy Shorts

, 100 minutes

The bad boys & gals of Roaring Twenties comedy are back and anarchy reigns supreme. They told jokes without uttering a word, set up unbelievable comedic escapades, and had a complete disregard for private property or personal dignity. Their movies gathered legions of fans and influenced comedians to this day but so many of their films have become lost. While many remain missing, some have managed to resurface.

 We salute the silent comedy gems long thought lost — films that have barely been screened in public in 80-90 years, but are still capable of drawing raucous laughter today. See Buster Keaton at the start of his career with Roscoe Arbuckle & in his last 2-reeler, crowd favourite Charley Chase, the wildly inventive kids from Our Gang, and a couple of neat little surprises.

Piano accompaniment by Laura Sgroi

General admission $15, $10 seniors and students


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