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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

2012 (John Madden) PG, 124 minutes

Judi Dench; Bill Nighy; Maggie Smith; Tom Wilkinson

In response to an ad for a "luxury development for residents in their golden years," a group of retirees  find themselves on the same flight bound for India. The accommodations in Jaipur, of course, turn out to be anything but luxe despite the best intentions of its proprietor, Sonny (Dev Patel of "Slumdog Millionaire"), to make it seem otherwise. Sonny, who inherited the now run-down establishment from his father, has problems of his own: a gorgon of a mother (Lillete Dubey) and a modern girlfriend (Tena Desae) she strongly disapproves of.  Like the movie's characters, we want to hold on to the dream that all will come out right in the end if we only check into the right address. 

Peter Rainer

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