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Einstein, Spinoza, and Today's Realities: A Talk by Dr. Bunli Yang FREE ADMISSION!

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G, 60 minutes

Perhaps you’ve wondered about parallel universes, thespeed of light, how spacetime gets curved, quantumentanglement, what a “law of nature” means these days.Or maybe the pace of new technologies makes you think that knowledge is increasing faster and faster. But does knowledge differ from understanding? And how does understanding in science fit with society’s choices? Einstein had much to do with the making of the modern world. His legacy in physics soared with relativity, gravity, and cosmology; dived as he became “generally regarded as a sort of petrified object, rendered blind and deaf” in his later years; and made an amazing comeback with quantum gravity and superstrings. Some of Einstein’s insights are surprisingly traceable to a 17th century thinker, Baruch Spinoza, who also staged his own amazing comeback.