USA | 1927 | 63 min | PG

A murderer on the run, Chaney’s Alonso—a nightmarish conception of unbridled tyranny and evil—disguises himself as an armless knife thrower and hides out at a local circus.


In love with the beautiful circus performer Nanon (played by a radiant Joan Crawford at the beginning of a legendary career), Alonso finds himself her perfect companion—a result of Nanon’s crippling fear of man’s touch. However, when the circus’s strongman (Norman Kerry) threatens his intentions, Alonso’s murderous streak returns with a vengeance. – ALICIA FLETCHER


Director: Tod Browning
Cast: Lon Chaney, Joan Crawford


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Just in time for Halloween, we’re opening our season with one of the most notorious and terrifying films of the late silent era—THE UNKNOWN.

From the mind that brought you FREAKS, Tod Browning’s THE UNKNOWN is the original Universal Horror and features one the studio’s most terrifying monsters—“Alonso the Armless Wonder,” brought to life by the great Lon Chaney.

Featuring live piano accompaniment by the legendary Carl Zittrer.

Sponsored by Hollywood Suite


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