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Good Ol' Freda

2013 (Ryan White) G, 86 minutes - English

Freda Kelly; The Beatles

In 1960, a 17-year-old girl named Freda Kelly snagged her dream job: secretary for her favorite band’s fan club. The Beatles were an up-and-coming group in her hometown of Liverpool.

She would stay on the payroll for the band’s decade-long life span, a stretch of time in which she would become family-close with the musicians and their relatives, and watch them turn into the most famous band in the world — then self-destruct.

As much as it will delight Beatles fans, Ryan White’s “Good Ol’ Freda” is also a touching ode to integrity. Kelly has been quietly sitting on these insider stories — as well as dusty, attic-based boxes of insanely valuable Beatles memorabilia — for decades. Still employed as a secretary today, she has no interest in getting rich, and seems to be making this movie mostly just to show her young grandson one day. 

Sarah Stewart/NY Post

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