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Horsefeathers (1932)

Marx Brothers

USA 1932 68 min.

Directed by Norman McLeod

Written by Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby

Starring Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo, Thelma Todd

The institution of higher education is held up for ridicule and satirized mercilessly in Horse Feathers (1932), a madcap burlesque of university life starring The Marx Brothers. In it, Groucho Marx is Professor Wagstaff, the president of Huxley College, Chico plays an ice salesman/bootlegger, Harpo stars as the local dogcatcher and girl chaser, and Zeppo, cast as Wagstaff's son, provides the love interest. The central premise - Wagstaff plots to increase the college's enrollment and boost its reputation by staging a winning football game - is really just an excuse to include pot shots at everything from pompous professors to dull-witted students to sports fanatics. 

Hear signature songs like "Whatever It Is, I'm Against It" and "Everyone Says I Love You" (Woody Allen would pay homage to this six decades later when he chose it for the title of his 1996 musical comedy). The film continually flaunts its ramshackle structure and at one point during Chico's piano solo, Groucho breaks the wall between actor and viewer to remark candidly, "I've got to stay here but there's no reason you folks shouldn't go out into the lobby till this thing blows over."

Horse Feathers also features the great Thelma Todd, a popular comedienne who died tragically in 1935. The feature will be preceded by Red Noses.


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