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The Kid Brother

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1927 , 82 minutes

In this special simian-themed edition of Silent Revue, we spotlight one of the greatest and most underrated of silent film comediennes--“Josephine the Capuchin”--the adorable, sailor-suited, scene stealing monkey made famous in Buster Keaton’s THE CAMERAMAN!

Seeing her in THE CAMERAMAN made us yearn for more, so we’re turning our attention to our favourite spectacled sweetie, Harold Lloyd, who featured the talented Josephine in his hilarious and hugely underappreciated THE KID BROTHER.

In THE KID BROTHER, Lloyd plays Harold Hickory, the timid son of Hickoryville’s town sheriff. The runt of the liter, Harold aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps, but is persistently overshadowed by his two beefy brothers. With his father and brothers on patrol, Harold is relegated to keeping house, which lucky for us, sets up some of the most hilarious gags of Lloyd’s career! When a travelling medicine show comes to town and brings the beautiful Mary (Jobyna Ralston) with it, Harold falls head over heels, only to learn that thieves hiding behind the medicine show’s rouse threaten Hickoryville and his girl. With the help of our little Josephine, who incites some serious silent film mayhem, Harold sets out to prove that brains win over brawn. 

Silent Revue is curated by Alicia Fletcher and Craig Caron

Live accompaniment by Jordan Klapman

Print courtesy of University of Toronto Media Commons

Special Event Pricing $13, Student/Senior/Star Card Holder $10


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