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The Lego Movie 3-D

The Lego Movie 3-D

2014 (Phil Lord, Christopher Miller) G, 100 minutes

Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Alison Brie, Chris Pratt, Will Forte

When "The Lego Movie" starts, we're deeply entrenched in the Lego Universe. We're introduced to Emmet (Chris Pratt), who looks like a typical Lego mini-figure and is, of course, a construction worker, steadily working on building projects around his blandly upbeat city. As chipper as Emmet appears to be, he is also quite lonely. You see, Emmet might work in construction, but he's not a very good builder and coworkers and neighbors routinely ignore him. All of this changes, of course, when he happens upon a mysterious woman named Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), who is poking around his construction site, and who is responsible for discovering The Missing Piece—a mythic object that could save the Lego Universe from imminent destruction at the hands of the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell).

"The Lego Movie" is an absolute blast—a whip-smart, surprisingly emotional family film where the toy property is seen less as a concrete template than a tool for seemingly limitless potential.  

Drew Taylor, The Playlist

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