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Bill Nye: Science Guy

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2017 (David Alvarado & Jason Sussberg) G, 101 minutes

There’s an entire generation of kids who share a common science teacher. Clad in his signature bowties, Bill Nye could break down complicated ideas and theories through accessible, creative and fun segments on his wildly popular TV show. His relentless pursuit of educating audiences about how the world works has now evolved into a much more serious endeavour. There’s a dangerous wave of people in power whose fundamental lack of scientific reasoning is causing destruction to the planet we all inhabit. As a public figure, Bill is now taking every opportunity he can to openly call out and debate those who are twisting facts or outright denying them. His role as the Science Guy has critics questioning his legitimacy, but Bill’s mission has always been the same: educating people on the importance of science. And those lessons are becoming increasingly vital, no matter what age you are. Gabor Pertic

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