Ellen Roseman: Saturday, March 2, 11 a.m.

Consumer advocate offers good advice at The Revue

by Staff


Ellen Roseman Maybe you made some financial resolutions for the new year.  Maybe you’ve had some issues with your telephone or cable company; maybe you’re not pleased with service from your bank or that contractor you hired to reroof your house.

 Author and consumer advocate and Toronto Star columnist Ellen Roseman is visiting the Revue, Saturday, March 2 at 11 a.m. She’s just published a new book, Fight Back, in which she helps consumers face off against large corporations to get a better deal for themselves.

 She’ll tell stories about people who have successfully fought back against corporate tricks and she’ll coach you on how to do it yourself.

 She’ll also talk about how to scrutinize your bills and fight back against errors that can damage your credit report.

Finally, she’ll help you reduce your costs and save money on telecommunications, travel, banking, cars and home renovation.

Ellen was interviewed by Mary Ito on Fresh Air Saturday, Feb. 23. Click here to listen to the interview (to be posted on Tuesday) and for other links. Tune in to CBC Radio One and the Ontario Today phone-in show on February 28 to hear Ellen, as well.  

So what do people have the most complaints about? Here's Roseman's list: 

  • Telecom troubles (bills wrong, advertised promotions not honoured, overcharged, hardware/software doesn’t work).
  •  Banking (credit card charges, low interest rates on deposits and high rates on credit products, penalties to break closed mortgages, service charges rising)
  •  Retail policies (can’t get a refund, charged shipping fees or restocking charges when I return something, warranties too short on major appliances, can’t get service on major appliances)
  • Online buying (group buying deals don’t live up to promises and can’t get refunds, fraudulent emails, problems with ads on Craigslist and Kijiji, credit card issuers won’t give me refund under zero liability guarantee)
  • Travel problems (airlines treated me poorly, hotel accommodations didn’t live up to expectations, insurance claims rejected when I report medical issues or weather-related cancellations) 

This is a pay-what-you-can event. Don’t miss it. Especially if you've had a problem with any of the above! 

Meanwhile, why not check out Ellen's blog, On Your Side.