Silent Sundays: Destiny

February 23 4:15 p.m.

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Destiny Postcard

Silent Sundays: Destiny
Dir. Fritz Lang (1921)
Starring Lil Dagovar, Walter Janssen and Bernhard Goetzke

105 mins.

Before Metropolis and M there was Destiny, Fritz Lang’s rarely screened masterpiece that ushered in the director’s epic career. Equal parts fairytale and fantasy, Destiny tells the tale of a young woman granted three chances by a world-weary Death to save her lover from the afterlife. Hugely influential, it even inspired a young Alfred Hitchcock to pursue a career in film. While few have seen it today, there’s a good chance that few saw it in the 1920s, as Douglas Fairbanks purchased the American rights to the film in order to copy its impressive production design and special effects for his Thief of Bagdad – he then prevented the North American release of the film so that audiences and critics wouldn’t be the wiser. With all this clout, seeing Destiny at the Revue is clearly a must!

Featuring live piano accompaniment by William O’Meara. 

Silent Sundays, now in its fifth season, is curated by media archivist Alicia Fletcher and was founded by journalist Eric Veillette.