Hot Docs Film Festival- May 5th, 6th

by The Revue Team

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Sat, May 5 3:30pm- 32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide





In December 2008, police were called to the Manhattan loft of young, talented photographer Ruth Litoff. They’d never seen anything like it. Surrounded by 15 notes and specially selected gifts for her closest friends, she had killed herself. Years later, her sister Hope attempts to confront why someone so accomplished and loved would take her own life. Working like a detective, she empties the storage locker of all Ruth’s artwork and belongings. Filming every step of her analytical process, the camera observes Hope’s painstaking reconstruction of each day, journal entry and prescription bottle leading to the fateful event. A rich blend of photos, interviews and home movies brings the sisters’ closeness and secrets to life. But while looking for elusive answers, Hope risks her own relationships with friends, her daughter and her hard-won sobriety. Elegantly crafted and deeply moving, this original work plumbs the tensions and strengths of the sibling bond. Myrocia Watamaniuk

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Sat, May 5 6pm - Strad Style





Danny Houck, a self-described “nobody” living in a ramshackle farmhouse in the sticks, pours all his time and energy into his obsession: violins. He’s particularly passionate about the work of famous violin makers Stradivari and Guarneri. When Danny “friends” violin virtuoso Razvan Stoica on Facebook, he makes a rash fanboy promise to create a perfect replica of a world-famous violin—Guarneri’s Il Cannone—for Stoica’s next concert. But with only a matter of months and much to learn, can this eccentric autodidact train in the ancient art of violin-making using only images from the Internet and improvisation? Working around the clock, Danny tests the limits of his own capabilities and that of the human spirit. What he lacks in technique and skill, he makes up for in enthusiasm and imagination, persevering where most would resign. Strad Style provides living proof that if you’re not trying, you’re dying. Angie Driscoll

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Sat, May 5 9pm- Susanne Bartsch: On Top


Dubbed New York’s “Queen of the Night,” proto–club kid Susanne Bartsch has been throwing unforgettable parties for over 30 years and is still going strong. Picking up where Warhol left off, her events unite every walk of life—uptown, downtown, ballroom, drag and celebrity scenes. Susanne’s contributions to the world happen late at night, under cover of darkness, in the form of decadent theatrical events that assault the senses, expand the mind and take the shun out of fashion. Her ambition is to break the rules, banish labels and kill conventions. Dancing and dressing up may sound fun and frivolous but it’s radical when how you look and who you love remains taboo. Situating Susanne’s impact on AIDS fundraising, fashion and pop culture, the film features a who’s who of New York City nightlife, including RuPaul, Amanda Lepore, Michael Musto and Bill Cunningham. Angie Driscoll

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Sat, May 6 1:00 PM- Bill Nye: Science Guy





There’s an entire generation of kids who share a common science teacher. Clad in his signature bowties, Bill Nye could break down complicated ideas and theories through accessible, creative and fun segments on his wildly popular TV show. His relentless pursuit of educating audiences about how the world works has now evolved into a much more serious endeavour. There’s a dangerous wave of people in power whose fundamental lack of scientific reasoning is causing destruction to the planet we all inhabit. As a public figure, Bill is now taking every opportunity he can to openly call out and debate those who are twisting facts or outright denying them. His role as the Science Guy has critics questioning his legitimacy, but Bill’s mission has always been the same: educating people on the importance of science. And those lessons are becoming increasingly vital, no matter what age you are. Gabor Pertic

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Sat, May 6 3:45pm- Shadowman





While Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring are entrenched in the canon of modern art, their friend and contemporary Richard Hambleton remains far more elusive. Born and trained in Vancouver, and an aspiring New York City painter by the 1970s, Hambleton’s star rose with his Shadowman series. Splashing black paint silhouettes of a life-sized mystery figure on buildings all over the city, Hambleton created a sensation: the newly dubbed “street art”. But at the height of his celebrity and success, he left. Wanting to grow as an artist, he toured Europe, and never rebounded to the same fame on his return. Burned by art dealers and mired in heroin addiction as he was, most critics had given Hambleton up for dead. When two scenesters manage to connect with the recluse, they offer him a lifeline out of obscurity—a splashy new show. But can the fragile body and scarred soul of a resolute artist survive a comeback? Myrocia Watamaniuk

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Sat, May 6, 6:15pm- A River Below


A River Below captures the Amazon in all its complexity as it examines the actions of environmental activists using the media in an age where truth is a relative term. The film follows a reality TV star and a renowned marine biologist as they each attempt to save the Amazon pink river dolphin from being hunted to extinction. With gorgeous, sweeping aerial views we gain perspective from above, but as the film plunges deep into the murky, tangled rivers, we uncover a scandal that has no simple solution. A River Below is a completely unexpected film—a knotty poem of duality and dissonance and a journey into ourselves as we attempt to better this world

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Sat, May 6th, 9pm- Spookers





As night falls on Kingseat Psychiatric Hospital, out come the zombies, chain saw–wielding clowns and bloodstained freaks. About 45 kilometres from Auckland, Spookers is New Zealand’s largest and most successful scare park. A thrilling amusement for the paying public, it’s a family business for Beth and Andy Watson and a unique job for the performers who dole out the terror. Filmmaker Florian Habicht not only delivers the behind-the-scenes action of this cinematographic treasure trove, he fleshes out the very real emotional effects of preying on people’s worst nightmares. Some staffers seek fun, but others find the strength to brave far scarier issues like an HIV diagnosis and bullying. While former Kingseat patients have trouble with the idea of performing the horror that once took place there, acting out trauma is a therapeutic experience for others. A chilling visual delight, Spookers offers an unexpectedly thoughtful look at the life-affirming power of fear. Myrocia Watamaniuk

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