Kaiju! At the Revue! The Beguiling Presents: Mothra (1961)

by Revue Team

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  • Wednesday, August 30, 7:00PM
    KAIJU! At the Revue!
    Sponsored by The Beguiling Books & Art!

    JAPAN 1961 101min. PG
    Directed by Ishirô Honda
    Starring Furankî Sakai, Hiroshi Koizumi, Kyôko Kagawa

    The Beguiling's monthly anime series goes live-action this month with Toho's classic Mothra. Amidst a pantheon of fire-breathing dinosaurs, flying lizards and three-headed behemoths - not to mention their various robotic incarnations - who would think that one of the most enduring characters in Toho’s kaiju ("giant monster”) universe would be the colourful, Mother Earth-loving Mothra? We sure think so. Mothra marks a departure in both tone and colour of previous kaiju films. Gone is the dark, metaphorical havoc brought on by Godzilla’s nuclear stomping of Tokyo. While the irradiated subtext is still obvious and Mothra’s wrath ain’t a laughing matter, the film borders on comedic whimsy, as clumsy reporter hero Sen-Chan (Frankie Sakai) comes off as a buffoonish Lou Costello, and the miniature twins (played by the singing duo "The Peanuts”) are downright adorable. No wonder Mothra wants them back. 
    The Beguiling will be on site with a merch table, plus prizes to raffle off!
    Presented in 2K. Dubbed English.

    Special event. Admission $13 General, $10 Members, Seniors and Students. All membership benefits welcome.

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