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2012 (Dustin Hoffman) PG, 98 minutes

Maggie Smith; Billy Connolly; Michael Gambon; Tom Courtenay

Maggie Smith plays Jean Horton, a haughty former opera diva who arrives one day at Beecham House, a beautifully appointed, humanely run facility populated by lovable eccentrics (many endearingly played by actual retired musicians and singers).

Unaware of her impending arrival are her decent, buttoned-down ex-husband (Tom Courtenay) and two other former colleagues: a lecherous, profane charmer (Billy Connolly) and a sweet-natured bubblehead (Pauline Collins). While the former spouses sort out old betrayals and resentments, the residents are in the midst of preparations for Beecham's annual fundraising event, which needs to succeed to keep the place open another year. Can the reluctant Jean be convinced to join her erstwhile stage mates in a facility-saving gala performance? 

Mark Mohan-Portland Oregonian