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Queen of Versailles

Queen of Versailles

2012 (Lauren Greenfield) PG, 100 minutes

David Siegel; Jackie; Siegel

It’s so very easy to laugh at Jackie Siegel. She’s just another crass reality-show housewife, Botoxed to the gills, who has somehow wandered into a movie theater trailing her outrageous consumerism behind her like a leopard-skin cape. Except that “The Queen of Versailles” almost accidentally ends up showing how this heedless American princess copes with economic downturn, which is not at all well. And that reflects on all of us who lived the large life for the last few decades — or who merely participated in a society that did so — and are now, with much confusion, paying the price. Jackie’s just more entertainingly tacky about it.

-Ty Burr

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