A delicious exploration of the role of food in cinema, Food in Film partners a culinary classic film with a themed complementary snack from a local chef or restaurant.

Curated by pastry chef, Cora James, Food in Film is a journey into the belly of the cinematic world.

Stanley And Iris poster
USA | 1990 | 104min | PG
April 26, 2018

With a tagline like, “some people need love spelled out for them”, you know this movie is going to be so bad, it’s good.


Fried Green Tomatoes poster
USA | 1991 | 130 min | PG

FRIED GREEN TOMATOES is as much a film about the Southern United States as it is a film about feeling outside of what is considered normal... Partnering with Barque Smokehouse. They serve some of the best BBQ in the GTA in one of the liveliest settings.

Chocolat poster by Sophy Romvari
USA | 2000 | 121 min | PG

More than being a movie about romance and love, CHOCOLAT is a film about defying convention, breaking with tradition, and the relationships that women foster with one another in the face of adversity. Pairing with CXBO (aka Chocolates x Brandon Olsen)!

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