Silent Revue is the Toronto’s celebrated ongoing exploration of Silent Cinema – the only year-round dedicated selection of silent films in a theatrical venue. All screenings feature live musicians and are set in the fabulous silent-era Revue Cinema!

Curated by Media Archivist Alicia Fletcher. A talented cohort of musicians support these screenings, including Marilyn Lerner, William O’Meara, Jordan Klapman, Tania Gill and Jeff Rapsis.

This season, Silent Revue transports you to a circus ring, where tortured clowns, tragic trapeze artists, and menacing circus freaks entertain (and terrify).

Silent Revue is sponsored by Hollywood Suite.


Laugh Clown Laugh poster
April 29, 2018

Circus Dreams continues with one of the most iconic clown films of all time—LAUGH, CLOWN, LAUGH. Starring the Master of Disguise—Lon Chaney—A key masterwork in Chaney’s filmography.


The Ring poster

THE RING is one of the key silent Hitchcocks (of which there are merely nine surviving), and one which anticipated much of what was to come, including key sequences and effects from both versions of THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see it on the big screen with a live score!

Silent Revue Man Who Laughs poster by Casey Shea

A German Expressionist nightmare infused with grotesque circus-themed horrors, Silent Revue presents THE MAN WHO LAUGHS, the film that inspired all Universal monsters to come, as well as Batman’s infamous archenemy The Joker.

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