Throwback Cinema screens family-friendly matinees featuring classics from the ‘80s and ‘90s! Watch your favorites on the big screen with your kids.

Throwback Cinema is curated by Crystal Madore.

Secret of Nimh poster
USA | 1982 | 82 min | G
May 12, 2018

Come and celebrate the one year anniversary of Throwback with the Secret of Nimh. A haunting, magical family movie to celebrate this milestone. Join us and bring your mom!


Follow That Bird poster

Come join us and delight in the pure, sweet family fun of "Follow That Bird", that reminds us family is not who looks like you, but who loves you.

My Neighbour Totoro Poster

Masterly crafted, My Neighbour Totoro is both a cult favourite and internationally acclaimed, consistently ranking high on lists of the best movies ever made, and Totoro himself has become an icon. Come join us this March Break and discover the magical world of My Neighbour Totoro!

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