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The Warriors

1979 (Walter Hill) 14A, 93 minutes

James Remar; David Patrick Kelly; Michael Beck

Cyrus (leader of gang The Riffs) calls for a truce between all of New York City’s gangs. Cyrus proposes consolidating New York’s 60,000 gang members into one unified gang.  The truce is cut short by a gang agitator’s pistol when Luther (David Patrick Kelly), the leader of the Rogues, shoots Cyrus dead before framing a member of the Warriors as the shooter.   Dressed in their burgundy pleather vests, the Warriors become an easily recognizable target for every other gang in New York.  Walter Hill’s vibrant 1979 adaptation of Sol Yurick’s 1965 novel is a classic cinematic record of New York City circa 1979.

Cole Smithey

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