8 Heads of Madness

CZECH R | 2017 | 107 min |

8 Heads of Madness ( 8 hlav šílenství) follows the life of the talented Russian poet Anna Barkova (1906-1976), who spent twenty-two years of her life in the Gulags. She survived thanks to the help of her poetry, hope for better days, and passionate love for a woman named Valentina.

Director: Marta Nováková
Cast: Aneta Langerová, Zuzana Fialová, Marie Štípková


Czech That Film is the sixth edition of the annual Czech film festival held throughout the United States and Canada.

With a range of screenings and discussion with cast and crew, this festival showcases the best and most recent Czech films. The four-month-long festival keeps growing every year and it is the largest Czech cultural event in North America.


General Admission: $14
Bronze Members, Seniors, and Students: $11
Silver Members: $10
Gold Members: FREE

Prices include taxes. Membership free event not applicable.


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