All Hail Convenience*@%#!

Ten years after their controversial arrival, ride-hailing corporations like Uber and Lyft are still wreaking havoc on Toronto’s social, economic and environmental fabric creating a wacked-out world where people have come to expect their ride to a party will arrive faster than an emergency trip to the hospital!

Join event hosts RideFair TorontoHot Docs Citizen Minutes, and the West End Phoenix for an educational and solution focused evening featuring short films Ride Fair (Dir. Javier Lovera), Days of Black and Yellow (Dirs. Ray Levé, Willie Miesmer, Lotfy Nathan) and Behind The Fare (Dirs. Mariam Zaidi, Loveleen Kaur); and featuring special guest speakers:

  • Thorben Weiditz, RideFair Coalition founder and urban geographer and planner focused on the intersection of cities and app-based platform.
  • Reza Mohammed Hosseinioun, a Toronto resident originally from Iran. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics and is a long-time cab driver.
  • Earla Phillips, long-time Uber and Lyft driver and activist.
  • Albert Koehl, Environmental lawyer and one of Toronto’s leading road safety and cycling advocates.

Filmmakers Javier Lovera and Loveleen Kaur will be in attendance to introduce their films.




Ride Fair (Dir. Javier Lovera)

Three fearless community organizers with a history of standing up against big tech corporations, embark on an uphill political fight to regulate Uber and Lyft in Toronto so that these companies operate in the public interest, respecting communities, drivers and passengers

Behind the Fare (Dirs. Mariam Zaidi, Loveleen Kaur)

Behind the Fare is a film that follows the stories of taxi drivers in Toronto as they push back against the infringement of the foreign corporation, Uber, on their livelihoods. Putting their differences aside, the taxi community forms a united front to make itself heard but the city continues to ignore their demands. Their jobs, families, and communities remain in an increasingly precarious position. The media, consumers and politicians are not on their side as they continue to resist and organize on how to keep surviving in a rapidly changing industry. Following an important moment in Canadian labour history, this film sheds light on an issue far more complex than the headlines of ‘Taxi vs. Uber’.

Days of Black and Yellow (Dirs. Ray Levé, Willie Miesmer, Lotfy Nathan)

Ride-sharing technology disrupted New York City’s iconic taxi and limousine industry. At the same time, it destroyed the livelihoods of thousands of longtime drivers who couldn’t or didn’t want to evolve. In The Driver’s Seat, we profile the life and times of driver and writer Douglas Schifter, who martyred himself in 2018 to raise awareness about the decline of his industry.


This event is free to the public, but registration is required.