Bad Boys Drink & Tweet-A-Long Party

USA | 1995 | 119 mins | R

“Whatcha Gonna Drink When They Come For You?”

DRUNKEN CINEMA invites you all to MIAMI’S POLICE DEPARTMENT (a.k.a. Revue Cinema Twitter channel) to participate in a drinking game tweet-a-long for 1995’s buddy cop action comedy, BAD BOYS!


Since the film is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, we thought there was no better time to re-live your love/hate relationship for Michael Bay, classic cop movie clichés, gratuitous shots of Téa Leoni’s legs, and the constant ad-libbing from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in a great theatre with a rowdy crowd!

Watch the movie on Netflix with us at 8pm EDT! Individual drinking rules and the pre-show video will be revealed at 7pm EDT!!


Director: Michael Bay
Cast: Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Téa Leoni


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Watch the film on Netflix Canada on May 16th at 8pm EDT and follow along on Twitter by using the hashtag: #RevueTweetAlong


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