Balance Your Time & Get More Done – An Inspiring Evening with Mark Ellwood

Are you juggling priorities at a breakneck speed? Putting out fires that won’t go away? Dealing with interruptions that just keep coming? It’s time to regain control.


In this practical evening of edutainment, Mark Ellwood will inspire you with his tips, tactics and insights on how to get more done while living a life of balance.

Mark will entertain you with his amusing stories and droll humor on the subject of why everything goes wrong, and how to get back on track. It’s part workshop, part entertainment. All fun, and very practical.


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There will be a chance to meet others in the audience with Mark’s terrific interactive modules. And, he’ll share a couple of poems from his book, “The Poetic Path To Getting More Done.” At the end of the evening, everyone will receive a copy, free with admission.


General Admission: $20
Seniors, and Students: $20

Prices include taxes. Membership benefits not available.


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