Batman Forever/Batman & Robin Double Feature!

USA | 1994 & 1997

Join Dumpster Raccoon for a two film extravaganza presentation of the late Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever & Batman & Robin — in 4K!

Director: Joel Schumacher
Cast: Batman, Robin, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, Two-Face


Dumpster Raccoon screens trashy cult classics accompanied by live performances. In a recent interview with NOW Magazine, curator Anthony Oliveira summed up the series: “Dumpster Raccoon (more…)




Join Dumpster Raccoon Cinema for a special TWO-FILM EXTRAVAGANZA PRESENTATION of BATMAN FOREVER (1995) and BATMAN AND ROBIN (1997) as we celebrate the art of Joel Schumacher!! Bustling with video pre-shows, live drag performances, and TWO MAGNIFICENT MOVIES for the PRICE OF ONE, this is a TWO-FACED event NOT TO BE MISSED!

Joel Schumacher’s BATMAN FOREVER (1995) and BATMAN & ROBIN (1997) are riotous celebrations of the goofy, gay beauty of the superhero – critically reviled in their day for their toyetically perverse, queer fun, they delight in the spectacular and preposterous, celebrating the beauty of the male form and with a wild, debauched excess of style foregrounding the displaced, lost other that marks the heart of Schumacher’s auteurism. From Jim Carrey’s Riddler’s obsessive, yearning lust for Bruce Wayne to Chris O’Donnell’s martial arts laundry skills to a neon-noir Gotham City peopled by Day-Glo supermodel pompadour gangs, the films are wall-to-wall pageantry and faggotry, creating a sensitively observed and minutely detailed love-letter to the wry surrealist goofiness of the 1966 Adam West/Burt Ward series.

REVEL in Jim Carrey’s zany hyperkinetics—clad in gorgeous crystal-studded leotards and with dazzlingly acrobatic cane-work! REJOICE at Uma Thurman’s faithful recreation of Marlene Dietrich’s gorilla striptease from BLONDE VENUS! GOGGLE as Bane and Arnold Schwarzenegger FLEX those PECS! Get LOST in the dewy-eyed, moist lipped beauty of Kilmer and O’Donnell and Clooney! Harry Knowles NOT INVITED! – ANTHONY OLIVEIRA

Dumpster Raccoon Cinema is ecstatic to announce its celebration of JOEL SCHUMACHER: the queer hustler turned department store window designer turned legendary filmmaker, whose unbridled faggotry and shameless joy as a writer and director left the world of cinema shocked, disgusted, and impossibly enriched by his magnificent camp sensibility – as he once archly replied to one of his terrified ingenues worried the film was becoming too silly: “oh my darling, no one ever paid for UNDER the top!”

As an artist, Schumacher recognized there is something important, transformative, and transcendent about joy as resistance; he had as instinct what every poor NYC club kid knows: the revolution, when it comes, must be OPULENT.

This event is generously sponsored by Meridian Credit Union.

Doors Open 30 Minutes Before Showtime.


General Admission: $20
Loyalty Members/Child/Senior/Student: $17

Individual/Family Members: FREE

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