BEGGARS OF LIFE – 95th Anniversary Screening!

United States | 1928 | 74 mins. + short | Unrated

On the run for killing in self-defense, a woman (Louise Brooks) meets a hobo (Richard Arlen) who helps her flee from the police.

Director: William Wellman
Cast: Louise Brooks; Richard Arlen; Wallace Beery


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95th Anniversary Screening!

Our season-long look at Planes, Trains and Automobile continues with the rail-hopping thriller BEGGARS OF LIFE, starring the irresistible Louise Brooks. Co-starring Wallace Beery and Richard Arlen, BEGGARS OF LIFE is frequently cited as Brooks’ best American film, and under the direction of “Wild Bill” Wellman (of WINGS fame, which kicked off the current Silent Revue season), it is no wonder.

Brooks plays Nancy, who, on the lam after killing her abusive guardian, disguises her identity in hope of escaping to Canada. Tucking those signature bangs under a cap (don’t worry — they fall out from time to time) she passes as a boy among a gang of rail-riding hobos, where the threat of being revealed a killer takes a back seat to a more pressing danger: being exposed as a woman! Prefiguring many future Hollywood films’ treatment of hobo culture in the Great Depression, BEGGARS OF LIFE is a late silent-era masterpiece.

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Live accompaniment by Marilyn Lerner

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