Canadian Shorts Film Programme


Canadian Shorts Film Programme of The Toronto Arab Film Festival

Director: Various
Cast: Various


03.24.2018 //a Hail Mary

45th Parallel

45th Parallel focuses on the Haskell Free Library and Opera House—a unique municipal site between the jurisdictions of Canada and the United States. Constructed in 1904 under the patronage of the local Haskell family, this building was deliberately designed to straddle the frontier between Canada and the US as a symbolic act of unity in the transnational town of Stanstead. The performance about one border conflict is set on the site of a grey legal area and looks at how each border implicates the other, and how borders are not lines but, rather, richly layered spaces.

Leila and the Cigarette

In 2011, Leah decided to go to Lebanon to film with her grandmother. Two weeks after the shoot, her grandmother died of metastatic lung cancer.

It took her 12 years to get the courage to revisit their last conversations. Through memories and poems she draws the portrait of her grandmother in homage to her unique character.

Space Woman

Tripoli, North Lebanon. At 64, Maha has just taken her retirement from teaching. This new life puts her in the face of her loneliness as a divorced woman, whose children have left their home to live abroad for years now. The sole company of her faithful neighbors is no longer enough for Maha to fight the terrible feeling of emptiness and boredom in which she now finds herself. But had not she always dreamed of being an astronaut? And what if she lets herself drift to this promise of escape?


The usual rivalries and jealousies that exist between the two teenage brothers Simo and Emad take a dangerous turn that may seriously impact the future of their family.


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