CHERISH – 20th Anniversary Screening!

USA | 2002 | 100 mins | 14A

A bizarre situation involving lots of drinks, a stalker, a car, and a policeman leads to the house arrest of normally mild-mannered San Francisco animator Zoe Adler (Robin Tunney). Though confined to her apartment by an electronic bracelet, Zoe is intent on clearing her name, so she enlists the aid of her kindhearted parole officer, Daly (Tim Blake Nelson), who stops by regularly. As Daly assists Zoe in her investigation, the two begin to fall for each other, resulting in an unlikely romance.

Director: Finn Taylor
Cast: Robin Tunney, Tim Blake Nelson


Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the music-centric, comedic-thriller, CHERISH at The Revue!

CHERISH stars Robin Tunney as Zoe, a flighty and lonely computer animator who is obsessed with Top 40 music from the 70’s and 80’s. After a drunken night out at the bar with a work colleague (Jason Priestley), she becomes a victim in a twisted kidnapping when a stalker forces her into her car and makes her run into a police officer — instantly killing him.

When no one believes her, she is put under house arrest for a year and a half before her trial and must find a way to clear her name and gets the help from an officer in charge of her homebound bracelet (Tim Blake Nelson), neighbourhood teenagers and her friendly 1st floor neighbour. Will she find the killer before her trial…or will he find her first?

If you’re a fan of tonally inconsistent films like I am, then this definitely is the movie for you. When reading the above synopsis, one may think this is just a straight up thriller, however it’s a pretty endearing dramedy for the entire second act until it switches gears.

This stalker film is parts DISTURBIA, JACKIE BROWN and RUN LOLA RUN — and it makes for the perfect escape for 100 minutes! – SERENA WHITNEY

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