CHUNGKING EXPRESS (1994) – 4K Restoration!

Hong Kong | 1994 | 103 minutes | PG

4K Restoration! 30th Anniversary Screening! 

Two melancholy policemen navigate love & loss in a pair of interconnected stories, crossing paths at a late night food stand called the Midnight Express. The canned pineapple-obsessed Cop 223 (TAKESHI KANESHIRO) falls for a mysterious blonde-wigged smuggler (BRIGITTE LIN) while Cop 663 (TONY LEUNG CHIU-WAI) enters into a strange relationship with a manic pixie dream waitress (FAYE WONG) who unbeknownst to him, has stolen a pair of keys to his apartment.

Gorgeous, funny, and yet utterly heartbreaking, Wong Kar Wai’s breakout film was truly one of the defining works of international cinema in the 90s. Set against the sweltering heat of Hong Kong’s iconic neon-drenched streets, Chungking Express is that one Summer fling you’ll never want to get over. (BRANDON LIM) 

Director: Wong Kar-wai
Cast: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Brigitte Lin, Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Faye Wong, Valerie Chow


The films are hot, but the Revue’s AC will be cranked for the ten films in this summer’s Heat Wave lineup.

Heat Wave at the Revue Cinema, a lineup of the greatest summer movies ever made, continues on July 3th with 30th anniversary of Wong Kar-wai’s summer classic, CHUNGKING EXPRESS with an introduction by Black Belt Cinema curator, BRANDON LIM!

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Wed Jul 3 – 6:45 pm