GERMANY | 1951 | 100 min | STC

Marina, who has become a prostitute under unfortunate circumstances, finally meets the love of her life.


But Alexander, a painter, is fatally ill and might only survive if he undergoes a very expensive surgery. To get the money for the operation, Marina starts to work as a prostitute again.

Singer-actress Hildegard Knef had her breakthrough with the controversial role of the prostitute Marina in The Sinner, the most scandalous movie of 1950s German cinema – as much because of the first nude scene on screen as well as the discussions around censorship it raised.

As a tough femme fatale, Knef projected an equally ambiguous and daring image of women as her friend Marlene Dietrich. She briefly rose to Hollywood fame but was not willing to sell out and returned to Germany for a long and illustrious career as a singer and actor.


Director: Willi Forst
Cast: Hildegard Knef, Gustav Fröhlich, Robert Meyn
Language: German with English subtitles


Introduced by Simone Paget, writer and columnist for The Toronto Sun.

Presented by the Goethe-Institut and the Revue Cinema in 35mm.


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