Der Fan

West Germany | 1982 | 92 mins | NR


The hero worship that Simone has for a pop singer is built to a crescendo until she passes out when she finally sees him up close in a crowd of fans. She is later shocked when he lets her know that he does not love her.

Director: Eckhart Schmidt
Cast: Désirée Nosbusch, Bodo Staiger, Simone Brahmann


Simone is a teenage runaway who is obsessed with the pop singer known as “R.” Soon, that obsession takes over her life. When “R” uses Simone with machine-like coldness, she plots her revenge with an unholy ceremony that’s equally romantic and horrifying.

A hypnotic deep dive into teenage obsession that slowly creeps beyond our most frightening expectations, DER FAN feels more like a full-fledged punk auteur film than your standard fright flick… until it’s too late to look away. Achingly driven by the tour-de-force performance of the magnetic Désirée Nosbusch, DER FAN is a subversive, art-horror shocker that lives alongside such classics as Andrzej Zulawski’s POSSESSION and Takashi Miike’s AUDITION. You have been warned. (STEVEN LANDRY)

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