Extraordinary Women: Margaret Atwood (Film and Q&A with the director)

Canada | 2019 | 52 mins | PG 


Sunday April 30, 12:00 – 2: 00 pm

Extraordinary Women: Margaret Atwood: A Word after a Word after a Word is Power

Documentary with Producer and Director Nancy Lang

Canada | 2019 | 52 mins | PG 

Presented by Back Lane Studios 

Tickets: $10 in advance on Eventbrite; $12 at the door. 

What was the most surprising thing producer and director Nancy Lang discovered about Margaret Atwood while making the documentary A Word after a Word after a Word is Power

“Margaret is wickedly funny,” she says.

In fact, that sense of humour is evident through the entire film. Atwood’s comments, from vintage to present day, are laced with her wit and her appreciation of irony. 

“Look,” she proclaims wryly to the camera in Amsterdam at the start of the film and mocking her celebrity just a little. “I’m coming out of a hotel! How interesting!” 

Join us at the Revue for a screening of the Atwood documentary at noon on Sunday, April 30. Nancy will join us for a Q&A and discussion about the documentary and her experiences making it. 

The film is rich with Atwood’s family photos and archival footage, interwoven with comments from her friends, readings of her poetry and prose, and her own observations about her past. 

With Atwood’s recent attention following publication of her new short-story collection, why not join us to revisit her past and the experiences that shaped her as an artist. 

Watch the trailer.

Eventbrite link: https://atwood-documentary.eventbrite.com

Trailer link: https://vimeo.com/370355240


Tickets $10 on Eventbrite; $12 at the door.