Extraordinary Women: Talk Radio Iran

Meet Madam Nosrat, Tehran’s first woman bus driver; Zohreh, a many-times Rally champion and auto racer; and Sepideh and her colleagues, an all-female team of firefighters. They live in Iran’s capital city, and they have been making their way intraditionally male occupations, defying the restrictive gender norms of the Islamic Republic. Clips from the city’s talk radio provide an often ironic background to this exploration of their lives by film director Mahtab Mansour.

How are these pioneers received in an environmment, so repressive for women? What are their lives like? How difficult was it for Mahtab to make this documentary? What are the implications of the recent protests, fueled by the death of 16-year-old Mahsa Amini at the hands of the Morality Police for failing to wear her headscarf correctly.

Join us for the screening of the documentary and a Zoom Q&A with Mahtab. Now living and working in Paris, she has co-produced more than 30 documentaries and short films for Iranian TV, as well as directed documentaries on the nomadic Qashqai tribes and a
series on Iranian women in the Persian Gulf.

Director: Mahtab Mansour


Watch a clip from the film.
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Film clip: https://youtu.be/T2fWBLtTcAY


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