Canada | 1997 | 46 minutes | NR

Music — A Family Tradition

Actor and producer Anthony Sherwood joins us for a showing of his film about four amazing Canadian families with music in their bones.

We’re thrilled to mark Black History Month with a screening of Anthony Sherwood’s film Music – A Family Tradition and a discussion with Anthony joining us in person at the Revue Cinema. The 45-minute doc looks at four remarkable musical families in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Music may have complicated their lives, but it has also provided an emotional and spiritual bond for them. It’s amazing to see talented family members performing with each other and then all four families on stage together. What a concert that was! Anthony was an R&B singer for many years before taking to the stage in musical theatre. He has a long list of film and TV credits, including Street Legal, and has produced award-winning documentaries. Read more about Anthony here. Watch the trailer for the film. This event is a little different from our usual Extraordinary Women screenings, but as Anthony says, there are many extraordinary women in this film!

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Director: Anthony Sherwood


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