Early Monthly Segments: Fadenspiele – Terzen

Germany | 1998 | 50 min | STC

Terzen accumulates diary films of her travels from 1992–1998. One of her trips during that time was to the Scottish island of Orkney to visit Margaret Tait, a filmmaker and poet who has been an important inspiration for Aurand. Drawing inspiration from Aurand’s visit with Tait, Terzen is a film of portraiture, capturing friends and family with an energetic spirit.

Terzen is preceded by Fadenspiele, one of a playful trio of films that Aurand made with her sister, Detel, animating colorful strings both in the studio and out in nature.


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Director: Ute Aurand
Cast: Ute Aurand


Early Monthly Segments returns to the screen as an occasional series at the Revue Cinema.

We’re excited to host German filmmaker Ute Aurand in person, in town after screening a short film at the Images Festival. We have shown Aurand’s films a few times over the last ten years and it’s a pleasure to have her presenting her film, Terzen.

Early Monthly Segments is a quarterly film series named after an early film by Robert Beavers, and is inspired by the immediacy, vibrancy and experimentation found in that film. Founded by Scott Miller BerryChris Kennedy, and Kate MacKaythis series features historical and contemporary avant-garde films in a salon-like setting.


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