For Your Own Good (Es Por tu Bien)

SPAIN | 2017 | 93 min | 14A

Spain’s biggest box-office hit of 2017, this screwball comedy follows the misadventures of three overprotective fathers that no suitor in his right mind would ever want to meet!


Javier Cámara, José Coronado and Roberto Álamo star as Chus, Arturo and Poli – three friends who are going through a difficult phase. Their three daughters have all hooked up with loathsome boyfriends: One is an anti-establishment activist, another a slacker, the third an art photographer with playboy aspirations. The only solution the fathers can see is to join forces and get rid of them – no matter what it takes. Brilliantly satirizing male insecurities, Cámera, Coronado and Álamo use their abundant chemistry and crackerjack timing to make this an explosively funny comedy.


Director: Carlos Therón
Cast: Javier Cámara, José Coronado, Roberto Álamo


In Spanish with English subtitles.


General Admission: $12
Seniors, and Students: $9

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