Forbidden Planet


USA | 1956 | 98 min | PG

A rescue mission set in the 23rd century, FORBIDDEN PLANET is loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest and was filmed in Cinemascope colour.


It was MGM’s brash and brassy first attempt at science fiction and was nominated for several Academy Awards, including Best Effects.


Director: Fred McLeod Wilcox
Cast: Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis and Leslie Nielsen


Hosted by culture writer and critic Nathalie Atkinson, this ongoing series considers the crucial contributions of below-the-line craft in both popular favorites and forgotten gems (more…)



At the screening, join host Nathalie Atkinson for an on-stage conversation with special guest Seth, the award-winning Canadian cartoonist, designer and artist. Accompanied by a visual essay slide show, they will explore elements of the film’s art direction and inspirations from Bauhaus, Russian Constructivism and 1940s industrial design to the genre design of spaceships, buried cities and interstellar costumes. An of course, Robbie the Robot!

Door prizes courtesy The Beguiling


Seth is the cartoonist behind the comic book series Palookaville. His comics have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Best American Comics, and McSweeneys Quarterly. His illustrations have appeared in numerous publications including the cover of the New Yorker, the Walrus, and Canadian Notes & Queries. He is also Lemony Snicket’s partner for the Young Readers series, All the Wrong Questions, and has illustrated and designed a new, deluxe edition of Stephen Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches of a little Town. He is the designer for several classic comics reprint series, notably collections of work by Charles Schulz, John Stanley, and Doug Wright.

The cartoonist Seth has exhibited throughout the world in a variety of group and solo shows. He was the subject of a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario, which showcased the first public display of his model city Dominion, and his work is now a part of the Gallery’s permanent collection. Dominion City subsequently toured Galleries in Eastern and Central Canada. He is also the subject of Luc Chamberland’s National Film Board documentary Seth’s Dominion.

He lives in Guelph, Ontario, with his wife Tania and their two cats in an old house called “Inkwell’s End.”


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