Gold Diggers of 1933


USA | 1933 | 97 min | G

A wealthy composer rescues unemployed Broadway performers with a new play.


At the height of the Great Depression, a secretly wealthy aspiring composer falls in love with a chorus girl and helps to finance a new production. In this quintessential pre-Code musical the narrative is female driven and has plenty of double entendres, with extravagant escapist sets and kaleodoscopic musical numbers directed, staged and choreographed by Busby Berkeley.


Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Cast: Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell, Guy Kibbee and Ginger Rogers


Hosted by culture writer and critic Nathalie Atkinson, this ongoing series considers the crucial contributions of below-the-line craft in both popular favorites and forgotten gems (more…)


Introduced by series host Nathalie Atkinson in conversation with Elizabeth Semmelhack, senior Bata Shoe Museum curator and adjunct professor at Ryerson School of Fashion, about 1930s fashion and feminism. This screening complements the Bata’s current exhibition “WANT: Desire, Design and Depression Era Footwear.


Elizabeth Semmelhack is senior curator at the Bata Shoe Museum and adjunct professor at Ryerson School of Fashion. Her work focuses on the construction of gender in relation to dress, with a particular interest in the history of elevating footwear—a focus that began with her first exhibition for the museum in 2001, “Heights of Fashion: A History of the Elevated Shoe.”

Semmelhack has been a consultant for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and has guest curated a number of exhibitions. She has also written many books, most recently Shoes: The Meaning of Style (2017); Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker CultureStanding Tall: The Curious History of Men in Heels and Fashion Victims: The Pleasures and Perils of Dress in the 19th Century(with co-curator Dr. Alison Matthews David).


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