Good Burger

USA | 1997 | 103 min | PG

This is a movie that has been described as “a stoner film for children” (Joshua Rivera, GQ). Filmed over the course of one month, in partnership with Nickelodeon, GOOD BURGER features two, male protagonists (played by Kenan Thompson of SNL fame, and Kel Mitchell) who must fight to defend their place of employment (i.e. Good Burger) from going out of business, thanks to the rise of the corporate, burger chain: Mondo Burger.


With an all-star cast that includes Sinbad (whose Afro wigs are phenomenal), Shaquille O’Neal, Carmen Electra (who plays the uncredited villainess), George Clinton (the American, funkadelic musician) and the debut of Linda Cardellini (from “Freaks and Geeks”), this cult movie deserves to be on your must-watch list.

And if the cast is not enough to convince you to watch this, GOOD BURGER also features an insane asylum called Demented Hills, an ice cream truck labelled as “O’Beese Bros”, a burgermobile, style inspiration from Milli Vanilli, and subtle commentary on food additives and growth hormones because otherwise this movie would just be…weird.

It is also a movie where the secret sauce becomes the hero and the star. – CORA JAMES


Director: Brian Robbins
Cast: Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Sinbad



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