USA | 1982 | 115 minutes | PG

When Grease 2 first came out, it was not only critically panned and a box office failure, it almost ruined the movie musical genre. Years later, it has been receiving more attention for being an entertainingly smutty and over-the-top sequel that is best experienced with a crowd! 

Although Grease 2 continues to be the outcast that lives in the shadows of its predecessor, this campy sequel is finally getting the cult status it deserves and makes for a “not-so” terrible theatre experience! – Serena Whitney (Programming Director) 

Director: Patricia Birch
Cast: Maxwell Caulfield, Michelle Pfeiffer


Doors Open 30 Minutes Before Showtime.


General Admission: $15

Loyalty Members, Students & Seniors: $12

Individual/Family Members: FREE

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