USA | 1976 | 95 minutes | PG

This Pride Month, put on your “best costume for the day” to join We Really Like Her! co-hosts Danita and Emily as they step inside Grey Gardens for a visit with two queer icons (plus their faithful companion, himbo heartthrob Jerry the Marble Faun).

The controversial 1975 documentary captures the everyday lives of mother daughter duo, “Big” and “Little” Edith Bouvier Beale, aunt and cousin, respectively, to Lee Radziwill and Jaqueline Onaissis. Their dilapidated and critter-infested house is almost too perfect a metaphor for the Edies’ complicated, chaotic, and often crumbling relationship. In her late 70s at the time of filming, Big Edie barks orders from bed and recounts her glory days as a high society woman. Little Edie, on the other hand, is torn between her devotion to her mother and a desire to return to New York City in hopes of reclaiming her independence. Charismatic, eccentric, and headstrong, the Edies remain two of the most unforgettable people ever filmed.

While everyone knows Grey Gardens was co-directed by groundbreaking cinema verité filmmakers, Albert and David Maysles, there were also three women behind the scenes: Susan Froemke as co-producer and co-editor, with Ellen Hovde and Muffie Meyer as co-directors and editors. The Maysles have received their rightful dues and now it’s time for Froemke, Hovde, and Meyer to get theirs. (DANITA STEINBERG & EMILY GAGNE) 

Before the screening, there will be a short, pre-recorded interview with Froemke and Meyer about the making of the film. 

Director: Albert Maysles, Ellen Giffard, David Maysles, Muffie Meyer
Cast: Edith Bouvier Beale, Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale, Brooks Hyers, Norman Vincent Peale, Jack Helmuth


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Thu Jun 13 – 7:00 pm