Halloween II (1981)

USA | 1981 | 92 mins | R

Before going to see HALLOWEEN KILLS, we implore you to watch the original canon sequel to the horror classic — HALLOWEEN II (1981).

Director: Rick Rosenthal
Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasance


(NOT-SO) TERRIBLE TWOS is a new in-house series at The Revue exploring overlooked sequels to hit films that deserve the big-screen treatment.


The HALLOWEEN franchise has been retconned so much, (you would think a multiverse crossover film would be in the works by now) and the reason why that is mainly lies with the sibling twist John Carpenter and Debra Hill drunkenly wrote into the script — that would further complicate the series moving forward, albeit unknowingly (at the time) kick starting the longest running mainstream horror franchise.

So this Halloween season, come to The Revue and be horrified by The Shape, Ben Tramer’s grisly demise and Jamie Lee Curtis’ god awful wig and watch HALLOWEEN II the way it should be seen — on the big screen! – SERENA WHITNEY

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