Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages (1922)

Sweden | 1922 | 87 mins | NR

Break out your broomstick and scrub that cauldron because Silent Revue revisits one of its most success screenings of the “before times”—the horror masterpiece HÄXAN: WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES! HÄXAN is a witch’s brew of sorcery, spells and devil-worship. With its frank depiction of violence, nudity, and sexual perversion, the film was banned in the US upon its release. Visually stunning and masterfully directed by the Danish Benjamin Christensen (who also, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, plays the unforgettable role of the devil in the film), HÄXAN is considered a key horror text—one that heavily influenced future horror films, including THE EXORCIST, THE DEVILS, and THE VVITCH among others.

A hallucinatory blend of fiction, documentary and animation, it’s truly a one of a kind. A film, as historian Chris Fujiwara points out, that we’ve all heard of, but few have truly seen. What better way to mark All Hallows’ Eve? – ALICIA FLETCHER

Director: Benjamin Christensen
Cast: Benjamin Christensen


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Featuring live accompaniment by Marilyn Lerner

Silent Revue is curated by Alicia Fletcher

Silent Revue is sponsored by Hollywood Suite


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