USA | 1991 | 141 min | PG

Robin Williams stars as Peter, who has forgotten Neverland in the decades since he returned to London and grew up, got married, had a family and started a career as a corporate lawyer.


But Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman) hasn’t forgotten, and one wintry night he kidnaps Peter’s children to lure his old foe back back for one last battle. Can Tinkerbell (Julia Roberts) and the Lost Boys, now with Rufio as their leader, help Peter fly, fight, and crow? When HOOK was originally released, it was met with scorn by critics, but audiences loved it, and quotes from the movie quickly entered the cultural lexicon (Just ask any thirty something adult how you’re supposed to chant “Rufio”.) Fun for all ages, come join Throwback for the holidays and experience the wonder of Neverland.


Director: Steven Spielberg
Cast: Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Smith, The Boo Box


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