Jack of All Trades – Toronto Premiere

2017| Canada| 86 min | PG

Jack Of All Trades is the story of a father and son…and their baseball cards. In the late 80’s/early 90’s North America’s favorite pastime was collecting baseball cards. Unfortunately, this house of cards would soon collapse, leaving the pieces of cardboard along with the hopes and dreams of fathers and sons worthless.


Former child actor, Stu Stone (Magic School Bus, Donnie Darko) was one of those sons, and his relationship with his father Jack, who was in the card business, would crumble with the industry. 25 years later, Stu is on a mission to discover why his beloved baseball cards are worth nothing more than the memories they hold of a happy childhood. What he didn’t plan on finding though, was the most elusive card of them all, his father Jack.


Warning: Due to strong language this film might not be suitable for young children.

Limited engagement, two shows only!

Director: Harvey Glazer, Stuart Stone
Cast: Tom Geideman, 'Foul Ball' Paul Jones, Jose Canseco


General Admission: $12
Seniors, and Students: $12

Prices include taxes. Membership benefits not available.