JUICE (1992)

USA | 1992 | 95 mins | R

On January 17th at The Revue, The Black Nerds co-present with Retro Heads an anniversary screening of the esteemed hood classic, “Juice”. On Jan 17, 1992, “Juice” was first released, marking a pivotal moment in cinematic history. The film tells the story of four friends desperately seeking their place in the world by any means necessary. 

Widely hailed as a cult classic in Black cinema, “Juice” stars Tupac Shakur, Omar Epps and a number of hip hop and Black cinema culture icons. Directed by Ernest Dickerson, the cinematographer behind the iconic 1985 film “Krush Groove,” this movie weaves a narrative that deftly portrays a coming of age met with the collision of multitude of ambitions, the confrontation and embrace of ego and self determination.

In “Juice,” we follow the lives of Q, Bishop, Raheem, and Steel, four friends navigating their world. As they wrestle with dreams, aspirations, and the allure of power, their bond is tested in ways they never imagined. A fateful opportunity arises, sparking a journey fraught with peril and a thirst for control that consumes them.

Tensions rise, and loyalties are strained, these friends face choices that will forever alter the trajectory of their lives. “Juice” is a raw and unflinching exploration of how far one is willing to go to attain power.

As we revisit this timeless classic, we invite you to witness the tale that captured the spirit of an era and continues to resonate with audiences today. Join The Black Nerds and Retro Heads, a Black-owned vintage store in Kensington Market, as we co-present this thrilling hood classic that transcends time and space. (FADUMA GURE)

Director: Ernest Dickerson
Cast: Tupac Shakur, Omar Epps


Doors Open 30 Minutes Before Showtime.


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