USA | 1985 | 101 minutes | 14A

A race of space vampires arrive in London and infect the populace.

Director: Tobe Hooper
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Mathilda May


A space shuttle mission investigating Halley’s Comet brings back a malevolent race of space vampires who transform most of London’s population into zombies. The only survivor of the expedition and British authorities attempt to capture a mysterious but beautiful alien woman who appears responsible.

The first of 4 big-budget flops that ultimately tanked the Cannon Group, LIFEFORCE was too gloriously unhinged for critics and audiences in 1985. From the writers of ALIEN and DEATH WISH 3, and director Tobe Hooper, who was hot off the success of POLTERGEIST, this adaptation of Colin Wilson’s novel manages to be even more tawdry, bizarre, and bombastic than its original title THE SPACE VAMPIRES. That is no mean feat! – Steven Landry

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