USA | 1976 | 125 minutes | R

Babe Levy is a Columbia graduate student and distance runner. His brother Doc is an undercover government agent on the hunt for a sadistic Nazi war criminal. Babe is mistakenly caught up in the danger and must use his smarts and athleticism to thwart the Nazi in his plan to retrieve items from a safe, which leads to a thrilling conclusion. 


In our last three films we’ve covered collegiate life. The characters have had to tackle cycling, the pitfalls of fame, and vampires. Now for the fourth and final adjacent look at academia, we dive into Noir November, the cold sweat. Our protagonist is up against the most despicable of antagonists, the Nazi. Released in a watershed moment in United States history, several films tested the American-dream ideology marketed to them, and the imagined freedoms of the nation, and instead leaned into the paranoia of the time. Marathon Man was one of the standouts in a time when the industry was artist driven; it was in excellent company with Alan J. Pakula’s paranoia trilogy, NetworkTaxi Driver and Three Days of the Condor. Directors encouraged audiences to ask tough questions, and it seemed all the facets of the medium, from screenwriting to design to acting, all were ready to meet the challenge with abandon.  (VANYA GARRAWAY)

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Director: John Schlesinger
Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Laurence Olivier, Roy Scheider


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