ON DEADLY GROUND (30th Anniversary Screening!)

1994 | USA | 102 minutes | 18A

30th Anniversary Screening!

Forrest Taft (STEVEN SEAGAL) is an expert firefighter fighting to protect the Alaskan wilderness and its native people from the environmental destruction caused by his former employer Michael Jennings (MICHAEL CAINE), the CEO of Aegis Oil Company. After an oil rig explodes, Taft uncovers that the blowout was due to faulty parts ordered by the company. When the foreman of the rig plans to alert the Environmental Protection Agency, Jennings orders both of them to be eliminated by his Chief Security Officer “MacGruder” and his assistant Toto.

Starring, produced, AND directed by the one-and-only Steven Seagal, ON DEADLY GROUND is one part environmental action-adventure, two parts vanity project full of recognizable stars like Joan Chen, R. Lee Ermey, Billy Bob Thornton, Sven-Ole Thorsen and John C. McGinley. (BRANDON LIM)

Director: Steven Seagal
Cast: Steven Seagal, Michael Caine, Joan Chen, John C. McGinley, R. Lee Ermey


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