Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival 2018

Canada | 2018 | 66 min | PG

Every year, the western world is introduced to a new ‘superfood’ that boasts extraordinary nutritional features, and year after year we buy them.


THE SUPERFOOD CHAIN is a feature and TV hour documentary that explores the facts and myths behind superfoods, and reveals the ripple effect of the ‘Superfood’ industry on farming and fishing families around the world. Shot in 4K and HD, this film follows filmmaker Ann Shin as she meets families in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Philippines, and Haida Gwaii affected by the Superfood industry.




Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival is celebrating its 19th edition on October 25-28th. Don’t miss the lineup of groundbreaking documentary films focusing on energy, immigration and sustainable cities, as well as a free Family Day program including youth yoga! On Oct 28th at 1pm, Planet in Focus will bring The Superfood Chain to The Revue Cinema. Every year, a new “superfood” or two emerges as the best addition to our search for the healthiest new product to ingest. Ann Shin’s emphatic new doc takes us around the world to look at fair food practices, sustainability in farming and fishing and the importance of food security.

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General Admission: $15
Seniors, and Students: $10

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