PLEASANTVILLE (25th Anniversary Screening!)

USA | 1998 | 124 minutes | PG

Impressed by high school student David’s (Tobey Maguire) devotion to a 1950s family TV show, a mysterious television repairman (Don Knotts) provides him with a means to escape into the black-and-white program with his sister, Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon). While David initially takes to the simplistic, corny world of the show, Jennifer sets about jolting the characters with doses of reality that unexpectedly bring a little color into their drab existence.

Director: Gary Ross
Cast: Tobey Maguire, Reese Witherspoon, Jeff Daniels, Paul Walker



If WandaVision was a teen comedy, it would be Pleasantville. In Reese Witherspoon’s fourth Hold Up appearance, we’re celebrating our favourite leading lady at peak wholesomeness! Trapped in a 1950’s TV show, David and Jennifer must play the roles of small-town midwestern high schoolers. Unable to keep themselves from shaking up the dull black-and-white town, parts of their world begin to change to colour. Will their efforts to enlighten the conservative puritanical citizens of Pleasantville lead to a more vibrant community? Will David and Jennifer find their way back to the real world? Will the townsfolk actually go so far as to burn books and ban ‘coloured’ people from public venues? Only one way to find out: come to Hold Up presents: Pleasantville! (Alice Rose)

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